Pacific Biological Station Tour: Thursday Nov 7th

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Pacific Biological Station Tours – still in demand!

The next tour of the Pacific Biological Station, to be held on November 7, is already full.   We have a waiting list and plan to have another tour or two in the new year or spring to try and accommodate everyone.

The facility can only take 12 people per tour because some of the lab areas are small and it is important that participants hear the talks and can see what is going on. In addition, the Station is very busy and we have to fit in to the scientists schedules.

The Pacific Biological Station has been a key research centre for the west coast for more than 110 years.  It is one of the oldest centres of its kind in North America.  Scientists are working with fish, whales, aquatic plants, and water quality.  Everything right down to the micro-biotic level is being explored…. and incredible achievements are being made.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for future tours please see Don Dempson at the next meeting or contact him directly.

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