The NWB Probus Hairstyle Challenge

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What happens when you have a multi-media genius with an overactive imagination, who like it or not has to deal with a seemingly never-ending Covid 19 shutdown? You get the Northwest Bay Probus Club first, possibly annual (very possibly not), Hairstyle Challenge! 

With sincere thanks to our own Don Dempson and his incredible works of art, we are now turning to you, our valued members, to decide which is the best picture. We have six victims –  no that is too harsh – volunteers might be better or candidates from which you can choose. Do you choose Terry, Robert, Tony, Norm, David, Joe or Al?

In order to vote, all you have to do is email Sue Kelly at with your choice of the winner in the subject line. Please send your replies by November 20 and we’ll announce the winner in the next Probus newsletter.

For more creativity and entertainment on the hairstyle challenge from our talented Probus members, don’t miss this video slide show created for us by Marcel Lalonde. To view this entertaining video, click on the link here.

We hope you have some fun with this.


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