Management Committee 2016

President Don Dempson  Don Dempson
Past President Robert Grose

Robert Grose, President

Robert Grose, President 2014

Treasurer Doug Pearson
Secretary Loretta Dahn  Loretta Dahn, Secretary
Membership Chair  Bonnie HowellC Bonnie Howell, Social Chair
Speaker Co-Chair Barbara Hartley
Barbara Hartley, Speaker Co-Chair
Speaker Co-Chair Marnie Swanson  Marnie Swanson, Speaker Co-Chair
Hospitality Chair Linda Burrows Linda Burrows
Communications Co-Chair Mary Crist Mary Crist
Communications Co-Chair Steph Smith  Steph Smith
 Communications (Web)  Bea Kolodziej  Bea-headshot (1)
Member-at-Large Grant Foster  Grant Foster
Member-at-Large Norm Kilarski  Norm's Picture (2)
Member-at-Large Phil Howell  Phillip Howell, Member at Large

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