President’s Message – July 2014

proBUS VW busCongratulations to Tom and Laurie Chow for organizing our PROBUS Fun Golf Day at Brigadoon. Just go to the webpage and see the pictures to see what fun was had by all.

That takes me back to the PROBUS Club 2014 objectives I posed in my January video to the club from Palm Springs.

Halfway through 2014, let’s see how we are doing:

1. Slogan for 2014 Have Fun: From the golf pictures I think many of you climbed on board our cheeky Volkswagon bus logo in our newsletters

2. Rejuvinate our Membership: Membership is starting to grow again and there were 8 guests and potential new members at the golf tournament. Follow through and invite our guests to attend our next meeting with Guest Speaker Eric McLean.

Judy and Dianne are working with Welcome Wagon to get the word out to new members and members are circulating PROBUS cards.

3. Make our INTEREST GROUPS better known and establish new and exciting Out & About Activities. Interest groups are full and many club members have stepped forward to lead successful, fun Out & About Activities. You are getting involved and it makes a difference.

4. Make meetings more vibrant with high club energy and exciting speakers: Marnie and Barb have come through here big time with a wonderful variety of speakers and the buzz in the room before meetings with our new greeter program is wonderful

5. Support our Social Events: The golf tournament – great success and Bonnie Howell has had great sign-up interest in our Summer Picnic in July and Appetizer Night in August. Keep the fun rolling!

6. Encourage a team approach to share the workload of club responsibilities: Lee Lukian demonstrates this with the Hospitality Committee, Heinz and Loretta Dahn with the Secretarial duties and our Directors at Large Mike and Phil with room set-up and AV.

By all club members pulling together, we all have fun. Let’s keep it going in 2014 and remember to invite guests to come out and experience L.I.F.E.

Robert Grose

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