President’s Message Nov.2013

Sharon SeibtWhat a beautiful season! If Spring is the time for renewal, Fall is the time for change. And in Probus, this is the time when we initiate change in our management team.

We are seeing a definite trend in our club. In searching for club members to step up to fill next year’s team, we found a common trait amongst many members – difficulty in committing full time to some of the Chair positions. The most frequent, and quite legitimate, reaction when we asked was “We travel quite a bit and cannot commit to being available for every meeting”.

Many of the original members and current leadership have done their bit for some time now. We are very grateful for their continuing support. But now is the time for others to become more involved.

To accommodate changing times, we are seeking to be creative; we would like to share some ideas with you.

Some positions such as Hospitality and Speaker, will now have a committee structure similar to Social.  The chairperson or co-ordinator will have a tram to share responsibilities.  As the saying goes…many hands make light work.  We could even have two Secretaries to share the workload.  We hope this committee structure will make it easier for more members to become involved and our club to remain strong.

Would you like to be part of a committee in this context? Please contact me! You will enjoy your greater participation.

Another important idea ‘under consideration’ is to change which month that we do not have a members meeting from August to January. Many people are away in January and our meeting date is often very close to New Year’s.

Speakin got the holidays, our final social of the year is our Christmas Party on Friday, December 13th at Fairwinds.  This is a great way to end the year, so please join us.

As 2014 progresses, let us know how we are doing.  Remember: change keeps us young, or at least on our toes.

Sharon Seibt

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