President’s Message – October 2015

Robert Grose - 2014-2015

After the hustle and bustle of September activities, October is the month that we settle back into our routines. Our next meeting is Oct 2 and you do not want to miss our speaker from Tilray – Medicinal Marijuana growers in Nanaimo . They are revolutionizing the industry and soon your doctor could be prescribing gel or liquid marijuana for your arthritis and more. Bring friends and neighbours with you to hear this exciting speaker and experience the friendship of PROBUS.

October is also the month our Nominating Committee selects PROBUS members for the 2016 Management Committee. This year we have several key positions open: Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications that are critical we fill. We hope to hear from volunteers for these positions and we will be contacting you to ask how you can help the club.

None of these positions are onerous, especially if people share the work – many of our current positions are successfully co-chaired. We are all busy and many members have served before on PROBUS boards or other Boards, but without a full executive our club would be forced to consider winding down.

I hope we can count on you to step up to fill our Board and maintain the vibrancy of our club.


PS: We will be serving brownies at the break!!

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