President’s Message – August 2022


Thank you to Joanie Miller and her legion of elves for organizing such a pleasant summer picnic in July.  Everyone had a smile on their face, and were clearly enjoying the comradery, the weather and the good food! A lot of effort goes into organizing these events and one tends not to think about it too much when things go as well as they did on the 20th. The tent proved to be annoyingly difficult to put away after the event, but there were many, many elves, with many, many solutions. Some, I hear tell, were even useful. Thanks as well to Heinz, Loretta, Linda, Kim, Norm, Anne-Marie, Graham, Al, Leslie, Sylvie, Marcel and my better half, Terry. Please forgive me if I have forgotten anybody. Joanie will now switch her attention to planning the Christmas Party. Please consider volunteering to help.  It’s a lot of fun and it is always helpful to have a few more worker bees.

We were very pleased to welcome the new BC1 District Director of Probus, Ian Kennedy and his charming wife Rosemary to our picnic.  They proved to be very interesting and funny dinner companions and Ian tried to meet as many of you as possible. He has asked to be invited to one of our regular meetings as well. It is great that he is taking such an interest in our club.

It is our plan to continue our monthly meetings in person at the St. Mary’s church hall for the balance of the year. Norm was kind enough to do a test on the Wi-fi system and determined it was not strong enough to do a hybrid meeting where the speaker was in person in the hall. As always, we will take advice from the medical folks and hopefully, if we are careful, we can meet safely and remain Covid-free.

We won’t be meeting in August. We hope you all enjoy the summer months and are able to do some long-awaited visiting with family and friends.  I hope the equally long-awaited wonderful weather that we have been experiencing continues for a while longer.  There, I have probably jinxed it! Sorry, in advance.

See you in September.

Sue Kelly, President