President’s Message – July 2017

President’s Message July 2017

Sorry I’m going to miss this meeting, but playing cowboy at the Calgary Stampede is something I’ve done for so long – it’s just part of my life.  On the other hand, the thought that giant Sequoia trees are growing just fine in our local forests and that Picasso might have started his career throwing paint sounds a little far- fetched, but last month more than 60 members discovered (via “Out and Abouts’) our forests are amazing places and …. paint splattering a canvass is creative and entertaining.

In June, everything kick-started with our speaker: Warden Teri DuTemple who gave us real insight into the Nanaimo Correctional Centre.  Her years of experience and forward- thinking approach to working with staff and inmates painted a picture which reinforced the fact that this correctional facility is making a positive difference in our community.  And, DuTemple didn’t back away from any questions, delivering messages that were both optimistic yet realistic.

The month also saw our membership enjoying men’s and ladies’ lunches and another exciting trip to the tees and greens when a full slate hacked and whacked their way around Pheasant Glen golf course.  It was a busy month, full of opportunities to learn more, laugh, have fun and be with friends.

July, we celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday – a time for friends and family, to feel proud about where we live and this incredible country.  Our meeting, July 7, will feature speaker, Isobel MacKenzie, BC Seniors’ Advocate to be followed up on July 9th with another Out and About, this one a visit to the John Hart Generating Station and Dam on the Campbell River.  Then, it’s back to the golf course at Eaglecrest, but… everything culminates with our big Summer Picnic at the Qualicum Beach Rotary Park. 

This year it’s all about Canada’s 150th, so make sure you wear your Red and White and come ready to sing and celebrate.  The facility is fabulous, but more about this in the newsletter.

One last reminder – NO MEETING in August so enjoy your summer and take advantage of everything the club has to offer; it is all about YOU!  With that, I’ll ride off into the sunset.  See you at the picnic.