President’s Message – June 2016

Don Dempson

June 2016 – President’s Message

The excitement of spring and the incredible weather has jump-started our pre-summer programs and visits from friends and relatives to the Island.  It never seems to end – people love coming here to explore this amazing place. 

How lucky are we, to live here and enjoy all the unbelievable things we (sometimes) take for granted.  May hasn’t disappointed, and our club has been busy on the golf course, experiencing the magic of the Kitty Coleman Rhododendron Garden Tour and savouring our wine clubs’ delights as well as discussing the components, themes and characters of our book clubs.

We have opened the door to members who want to start new clubs and although there is a strong interest, only one new club has been started and it’s a beer-tasting club.  We know there are more of you that would like to be part of the dynamics of our interest groups; well, all you need to do is come up with the idea, let our “interest group liaison” Mary Crist know, and she will help you develop your own group.  We have the expertise and key people who can show you how easy it is to get going, and the rewards – priceless.

June continues our enthusiasm and it begins with special speaker Paul Kolodziej who is going to talk about NASA and an outer-space experience.  Then it’s right into our Digital Scavenger Hunt that will challenge your powers of observation and directions.  It continues when we join our local sister Nanoose Probus Club at Nanoose Place to hear the incredible Robert Bateman talk and we end off the month with a special hike and lunch at Westwood Lake.  But that’s not everything – there’s going to be a Ladies’ (and potentially) a Men’s Lunch outing too.

The work of your management team is never ending, and we really appreciate the assistance we get from those who step up to lead, assist and participate.  We need and count on your continued encouragement and help so please lend us your expertise ….and get out and be part of what’s being offered.  Probus is all about YOU.     

See you soon.