President’s Message – September 2020

Our last regular Probus Membership meeting was held on March 6! That was 6 months ago. It seems so much longer than that!

Some of our Members have been meeting in person in their own small bubbles and others have been attending virtual meetings using ZOOM and WEBEX platforms.

We are anxious to be in touch with our Members again as it will be some time before we can meet as a large group in person. So, we have decided to hold a General Membership meeting via ZOOM with our Members on what would be our regular meeting date of Friday, Oct 2 at 9:15 am. We will have practice sessions using Zoom beforehand to familiarize Members who have not used Zoom yet. More information will be forthcoming to you soon. I can say as very much a “non-techie”, that it is quite simple once you are introduced to ZOOM by our Probus Tech Team.

We have an accomplished guest speaker (a seasoned restauranteur) who will connect to us via ZOOM as well. Robert Grose has provided information on the speaker’s background and subject matter and you can find this in the eNews and on our website. As part of the program, you are asked to submit any questions you have about the subject before the meeting so that the speaker can include those topics in his talk, or he will discuss them after his talk.

We have provided a brief update on the activities of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the eNews. Of significance, we have had several non-members participating in our SIG activities. So, we decided to encourage them to join our club now for the regular annual Membership fee of $30.00 but that we would waive the annual fee for 2021. That way we will not have to get them to sign the Probus Canada waiver every time they participate in an activity with us.

Also, Hart Pfortmueller, our Treasurer, advises us that we have $2500 in our chequing account and $5100.00 in our savings account so your Probus club is in a strong financial position.

Apart from that bit of business news, our meeting on Oct 2 will focus on listening to and learning from our interesting speaker. And, most importantly, gathering as many Members “in one place” as we can, to participate as a group once again.

Al MacDonald


Sept 16, 2020