TED Talk


TED Talk Special Interest Group: Held First Meeting on February 12th

The goal of TED talks is to spread ideas and spark conversation covering an array of topics. The difficulty is choosing one topic from the many tempting options. For our first meeting, we chose “Carbon Capture,” discussing how to use technology to remove carbon dioxide from the air. The reason for choosing this talk was because the subject is important (human-caused climate change), it introduces new technology (carbon capture), and the technology company introduced in the TEDX Talk is based in Squamish (for a local solution to a problem).

The discussion was respectful, considered, on-topic, yet wide-ranging. For example, we realized the value of using precise vocabulary, such as “stewardship of the environment” as an alternative to “climate change,” to describe the issue. We also discussed fundamental issues related to high CO2 emissions that went beyond fossil fuel extraction, such as population growth and the “fallacy of the commons,” etc. Obviously, we did not solve the problem of high atmospheric CO2, but we did get to know one another while learning new perspectives and different ways of thinking about an important issue.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17th at 2 p.m. The topic will be chosen by the host and sent out to anyone who expresses an interest in joining this new special interest group. Please contact Margaret Stevens for more information. Contact info is: mstevens847@gmail.com or 250-821-9678.  

Sign up below or at the March meeting:


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