Whisky Club

Whisky glassesWould you like a WEE Dram…?

We established the Northwest Bay Probus Scotch Club – “For Peat’s Sake” in 2013 with 10 members. We meet at members homes monthly to sample 2 Scotches – over 125 so far. We learn about Scotches from around the world, sample new “expressions” that we probably wouldn’t buy ourselves and have a lot of fun and hospitality doing it.

Due to 2 members moving, we have 2 openings as of January 2021. Could be 2 individuals or a couple. To learn more contact the coordinator, Robert Grose using the form below or at groser3@gmail.com.


Whisky Fairy delivering in Covid times

For now (Covid times) we are doing meetings via Zoom with scotches being delivered to members  homes by the” Whisky Fairy”.

Check out the club’s November 2020 Update.






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