Wine Clubs

Wine AficionadosObviously Probus members enjoy the fruit of the vine!   There are currently three wine clubs:


Meet monthly.  Coordinator: Joe Straka


The Grand Crew meets about six times a year to share and rate wines from around the world.  Alternating hosts select the wines and provide food matches for the evening.  Cost is $15 per person for each meeting; we try to keep the average cost of the wine at around $30 per bottle.  The Grand Crew is membership is currently at capacity, with a short waiting list.

        Meeting Reports: Okanagan Trip – 2017

Coordinator: Jim Crist


Meet ten times per year to taste wines of different varieties and/or from different regions of the world.  The hosts determine the theme for the evening.  Wines usually range between $15 and $45/bottle.

Coordinator: Judy Love-Eastham




Our three NW Bay Probus Wine-Tasting Clubs have all reached capacity.  We meet in members’ homes so space is limited.  The three clubs have each developed their own schemes and themes and the new one will too.  We have tasted many, many wines (including champagne!), have matched those wines with delicious foods, and have even taken wine tours together. This is your opportunity to join new friends to further your knowledge and enjoyment of wines.  An initial meeting will be held for those who are interested.  Click the link below:

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