Wine Clubs

Wine AficionadosObviously Probus members enjoy the fruit of the vine!   There are currently three wine clubs:


Meet monthly.  Coordinator: Joe Straka

Meeting reports:  November 15, 2013


The Grand Crew meets about six times a year to share and rate wines from around the world.  Alternating hosts select the wines and provide food matches for the evening.  Cost is $15 per person for each meeting; we try to keep the average cost of the wine at around $30 per bottle.  The Grand Crew is membership is currently at capacity, with a short waiting list.

        Meeting Reports: Okanagan Trip – 2017

Coordinator: Jim Crist


Meet ten times per year to taste wines of different varieties and/or from different regions of the world.  The hosts determine the theme for the evening.  Wines usually range between $15 and $45/bottle.

Meeting Reports: November 9, 2013

Coordinator: Judy Love-Eastham

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