Cable Bay and Dodd’s Narrows Walk

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Eight Probus members went on a leisurely walk along the Cable Bay Nature Trail and further to Dodds Narrows on what turned out to be a lovely day, Thursday September 19th.

The 4.6km trail is wide and relatively easy, meandering through lush ferns with beautiful old forest towering above. Remnants of a previously planned development are in evidence and all were pleased that the natural beauty of the area is, so far, preserved for walkers.

The trail from Cable Bay to Dodd’s Narrows follows the coast and, although slightly more challenging, is well worth the walk.   We watched as tug boats pulled massive log booms south out of the narrows and then the boats lined up waiting, quickly made their way through between Vancouver and Mudge Islands.   A great spot for boat watching and, at the right time of year and given the right conditions, you can imagine it would be wonderful for spotting sea lions, eagles and some have even reported seeing orcas.

The finale was lunch at the Crow & Gate in Cedar.

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