2013_Sept_Swanson-PoppleMembership is open to any resident in the North West Bay area (Nanoose Bay, Parksville, etc) who is retired and interested in listening to enriching guest speakers, participating in a wide range of social & cultural activities and enjoying spending time with a broad spectrum of people.

Visitors are encouraged to come to a monthly meeting (usually the first Friday of the month) to check us out.  Please contact us in advance so that we are expecting you, and to make sure we are meeting in-person (this is subject to pandemic circumstances).  We meet in the hall of St. Mary’s Anglican Church, 2600 Powder Point Road,  Nanoose Bay, BC.   The general meeting starts at 9:15 and finishes by 11:30.

If you have questions about membership, you can use the following form to contact our Membership Chair.

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