President’s Message – May 2023

Our club has been fortunate in many ways, managing to stay vibrant through Covid. Even though some members have chosen to leave, we continue to add new people almost every month. That is the wonderful news.

Now the “but” part and it is a big one.

BUT, we have very few people helping out on Management Committee (MC). Some of us are holding two or more positions. Despite that, we have managed to keep Probus fun, energized and did I say fun?  We have some holes to fill to ensure we all continue to enjoy the many activities of our club, which has been going strong for over 20 years.

We are going to need a new President when my tenure is over. Don, who is the current Vice-President and also a Past-President, has said that he won’t be available. We also will need a new Vice-President. Al would like to step down from the Treasurer position. So here are three principal roles needing to be filled, none of which is onerous.  Many of us on MC have already had experience in one or more of the management roles. Anybody who steps forward, will have the support of the management team to ensure their easy and smooth transition.

So, the reality is we could very well find ourselves in December of this year without a President, a Vice-President, or Treasurer. The club is not sustainable without people in these positions. We also need Members-at-Large who can support the other MC members in fulfilling their responsibilities (for example, help out with Christmas party). Terry and I will continue to support the club by making coffee and baking goodies, but we will need a back-up team as we plan to travel next year,

The success of our club depends on all of us not only attending meetings, but also helping out wherever we can. I know the term MC sounds dull, with a capital “D”. But in my experience, we have had a lot of fun while making our club an incredible experience for our members.

I appreciate that your time is valuable. Participating in MC generally means a one-and-one-half-hour meeting, once per month and maybe some phone calls. I guarantee you’ll enjoy a few giggles along the way.

Ask any member of the management team if they have enjoyed their time on MC and they will answer positively (and not because I asked them to!).  Our reward is seeing members with smiles on their faces and hearing them talk enthusiastically about the next speaker or wine-tasting or golf or hiking or walking or debating or art show or theatre event – even Terry’s incredible chocolate chip cookies.

Please consider volunteering! You won’t regret it. Be a part of our club’s future! Be a part of our club’s success! 


Sue Kelly, President