Cellar Dwellers 09/11/13

Cellar Dwellers Nov 2013The Cellar Dwellers met at the Easthams recently to taste, critique, rate and enjoy a selection of New Zealand whites and Australian reds. The whites featured Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region, with the Wither Hills Pinot Gris being given the highest honors. Of the reds from Margaret River, the Fifth Leg Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz/Merlot came out on top. The wines ranged in price from $16 – $36 with the average being approximately $22.

Sushi and chicken wings were passed around before we were treated to one of Judy and Tony’s favourite Japanese dishes, Shabu Shabu, paired with both warm and cold sake. Two large hot pots were set up in the middle of the table and each of us cooked thinly sliced beef, accompanied with dipping sauces and a variety of vegetables and noodles. A selection of sweets followed to round out a perfectly delightful evening.

Mike & Gail Smith

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