Nanaimo: an economic update

Sasha Angus, CEO, Nanaimo Economic Development CorporationIn the most recent issue of Business in Nanaimo, Sasha Angus, CEO of Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (NEDC), described the $50 million, 240 room hotel planned for downtown Nanaimo as a “tremendous asset to the community”. As a result of promotion lauding Nanaimo as a tourism destination to tour agents across China, the company projects that the hotel will be a drop-off point for 70,000 Chinese guests a year. The approval of this development has sparked renewed interest in the revival of a fast-ferry service from Nanaimo to Vancouver – something that would be most welcome to many of our members.

Sasha joined NEDC in September 2012 after four successful years leading the Greater Victoria Development Agency. Prior to that he was Chief of Staff to the Minister of Economic Development for Alberta where he played an integral role in addressing many of the same issues that face this region, including; business attraction and retention, tourism development, as well as supporting knowledge based industries, and valued added manufacturing.  He is married to his wife Li-Shih and is the proud father of 5-year-old son Matty.

The mission of NEDC is “to build a prosperous community through economic opportunity”. We all look forward to hearing Sasha discuss the many ways in which he and his team are doing so.

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