Whisky Club Goes Canadian

Canadian WhiskiesThe theme for the July “For Peat’s Sake” meeting was Canadian Whiskies.  Our national whisky industry has matured and grown in recent years with a high percentage of production shipped to the US in tanker cars and rebottled in the US.  A new book “Canadian Whiskey… the portable expert” by Davin de Kergommeaux was published in 2012. At the Victoria Whiskey show this past January the top Canadian whiskey for 2013 was Corby’s Lot No. 40 and the top new whisky for 2013 was Forty Creek – Heart of Gold.

Tasting notes:

Corby’s Lot No. 40 – excellent nose and light amber  colour.  Some found it quite peppery with tingling on lips and tongue. Warm, but smooth with some vanilla flavours. Nice finish. Nose was better than the palate. While this whisky has very high points awarded to it in competition our group decided even at $39.95 a bottle they wouldn’t buy it

Forty Creek – Heart of Gold – wonderful elongated bottle shape and beautiful deep gold colour.  Lovely nose and taste had hints of butterscotch and vanilla and orange fruit.  Not as peppery but finish was long, sweet and spicy. A couple of drops of water  was smoother. Most agreed at $70 a bottle they would consider buying it

Lagavulin and Coke: Consensus was “Not a universal taste loved by all”

Robert Grose

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