Picnic Hijinks

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This year we were once again very fortunate to have our Annual PROBUS Picnic in the lovely backyard of one of our members. Friends gathered for fun, food and games.

For a golf ball challenge, teams were self named: The Troopers, IQ 220, Gawd Awful, Hell Raisers and Bernie’s Ball Busters. They constructed and completed their challenge in 11 minutes. The eventual winners were The Troopers.

After our catered dinner we held an elimination draw for some much coveted prizes such as ice packs, napkins, decks of cards and bottle stoppers. It was fun to see the intensive quest unfolding and congratulations to the prize winners.

A special “thank you” to Karen Kenyon at Coast Realty for the loan of the tent.

Text by: Bonnie Howell, Social Chair

Photos by: Don Dempson, Phil Howell, Judy Love-Eastham

Ed note:  and a huge “thank you” to all of the Social Committee for their hard work!

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