Pulled Pork & Profiteroles

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Thanks to Social Director extraordinaire (Bonnie Howell) and Diane de Visser (host extraordinaire) as well as many eager volunteers, our annual picnic was a huge success.

Everyone enjoyed the pulled pork, chicken wings, beans and salads from Smokin George’s BBQ and the cream-filled profiteroles (with a splash of chocolate sauce) were quickly devoured.

As usual, the annual challenge tested team ingenuity and, most important, their sense of humour. The test? – to construct a plastic cup tower using an elastic and coloured string as tools (no hands allowed). The winners: “The Engineers” team of Ian Smith, Jim Crist, Paul Kolodziej, and Tony Eastham.

Although seldom known to be shy and retiring, Northwest Bay PROBUSians outdid themselves in rushing to steal other members’ bags and boxes in the annual prize-grab.

Many thanks to Karen Kenyon who provided the much needed tent to escape the sun.

Photos: Don Dempson

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