Future of Flight

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On Tuesday, September 29th a large group of North West Bay PROBUS members met for dinner in Everett, Washington.   Denalli’s Grill & Bar was the the host for 29 members eagerly chatting about their tour the next day of the world’s largest building by volume.  The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour complex is so massive that the only photograph to do it justice is on the Boeing website.

It was, indeed, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to view 747, 777, and 787 jets being assembled on the Everett production line. The tour was approximately 90 minutes long.  As we walked through service tunnels underneath the factory or watched the vast assembly lines, our guide gave us interesting facts about the history of the Boeing company, it’s standards, and the planes that bear its name.  The only disappointment of the morning was that cameras had to be left behind in lockers at the start of the tour but the above photographs document a few of the exhibits in the aviation centre itself.

Heather Popple deserves a huge round of thanks for her excellent planning and organization of this Out & About.

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