Looking at Others Looking at Us

Dalton2At our February 5th meeting Dr. Robert Dalton introduced us to 20th century portrait photography by both “outsiders,” those without formal training and academic credentials, as well as preeminent art photographers such as Helmut Newton, Yusuf Karsh, and Dorothea Lange. Using high quality slides, Dr. Dalton eloquently critiqued a wide variety of black and white portraits adding personal anecdotes and historical context.  Seeing through his eyes, Dr. Dalton inspired us to take our time and consider the way in which the photographer has captured a revealing expression or posture through lighting and perspective. Reminding us how to look and relate to photographs for a more rewarding interaction with art photography. In doing so, Dr. Dalton demonstrated one of his central beliefs, that portrait photography encourages empathy and ultimately contributes to our sense of being part of a global society.

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