Out & About:Digital Scavenger Hunt and Lunch

IMG_2014On a cool-ish, cloudy Friday morning,  15 eager participants from the Northwest Bay PROBUS club met with hunt organizers, Bonnie and Phil Howell, at Parksville’s Community Centre where they were given their walking papers.

Five DSH teams were formed: The Trashy Sand Dollars, Two Roses and a Thorn, Grant’s Ghouls, Aimless Wanderers and The Neapolitans. Each team was assigned a task list with 53 different items to hunt for and shoot pictures of, with some additional cryptic clues.  Hmmm…Where would one look for a mortar and pestle? (Shopper’s Drug Mart’s logo of course!) Where would you find a Cranky Dog?  Or a Notary with a rhyming name?  Or a seagull?  Well, seagulls are everywhere but there is only one Thirsty Lion in Parksville.  In the course of their sleuthing, team members found the citizens and shop keepers of Parksville curious, friendly and very helpful.  A few people even wanted to join the teams and play along!

Two hours later, the group met at The Beach Club for lunch and lively exchanges. Each team submitted their photos on one device to an opposite team member for validation and scoring.

When all scores were submitted, the winners were the Two Roses and a Thorn team (Steph/ Ian Smith and Mary Crist), with a score of 48. Two other teams, tied for 2nd place with a score of 41. The grand prizes were glory and a granola bar.

Some PROBUS members are already saying “Count me in for next year!”.


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