Dr. Richard Beamish – Pacific Biological Station

OrderOfCanadaThose of us who came to the August 5th PROBUS meeting expecting to hear only about the history of fisheries in B.C. were treated to much more fascinating information:  Did you know, for example:  It’s perfectly OK to eat farmed salmon

Recent studies have de-bunked the myth that sea lice from farmed salmon have caused a significant decline in wild salmon population, or did you know why dogfish (a member of the shark family) are to be revered rather than reviled (they perform an essential job as bottom-of-the-ocean scavengers), and had you heard about the effects of climate on fish populations?  Dr.Beamish was one of the first scientists to write about climate regimes and regime shifts.   We were a privileged group indeed when he told us that this was the first time he had given this presentation.


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