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As a nonpartisan nonprofit foundation, whose main goal is spreading ideas and sparking conversation, the TED talks (over 2400) cover a huge survey of topics which are posted on their website: and are viewed free of charge by millions of people worldwide. The foundation believes that the ideas of the most inspired and inspiring thinkers change attitudes as well as lives. The speakers are all “doers”:  activists as diverse as Jamie Oliver, Jane Goodall, and Al Gore; cave scientist Penelope Boston; particle physicist Patricia Burchat.  They have create things like Erice Whitacre’s virtual choir with 2000 voices across the world, and Todd Coleman’s temporary tattoos that bring hospital care to the home. In less than 20 minutes they tell us about themselves, what they have done, what it means, and where the future lies as it pertains to their field of interest. They do so in ways that are funny, fascinating, informative, beautiful and inspiring. Everything from dance to drones, Stephen Hawking’s,  Questioning the universe (posted Apr 2008) and the hilarious and evocative spoken word poet Shane Koyczan (posted 2013)  who performed his piece “We Are More” at the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are listed as speakers and conference participants. They are the young and old who have much to offer.

All Probus members are most welcome to join; we have had two meetings now and the discussions have been interesting and enjoyable.

Much like a book club, here is what you need to know if you would like to join our special interest group for a discussion of the TED Talk of choice:

Members of the group take turns hosting. The host/hostess selects the talk for the month but need not facilitate the discussion.

The host/hostess determines the meeting date and time, provides tea and coffee .

The selected topic will not be shown at the meeting, each member who will be attending should make sure to watch it beforehand.

We are planning to have a maximum of eight people at each TED talk, if there is a lot of interest in the topic for that month other members might be asked to host.  

Use the form below to sign up for the TED talks club.


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