Out & About: Fun Quiz Night

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PROBUS Trivia Fun

What country does the poinsettia originate from?  Which store used the slogan “Give it to me, I am worth it!”? 

These were a couple of the 54 questions posed by Linda Burrows to the 32 Probus Members who attended an evening of fun and friendly rivalry at Nanoose Library.

On Nov. 23rd, both PROBUS clubs got together for a Trivia Challenge. We formed our teams and then were put to work on a wide variety of questions posed by Quiz Master, Linda Burrows.  In addition, we were asked to identify 8 flags and 5 word puzzles. For only $5/each we were provided with yummy treats provided during the break and (don’t tell the Govt.!), enjoyed our own beverages. 

 Thanks Linda for your time and effort which gave us a such a fun and challenging get- together.

Answers to the questions are:  1. Mexico   2. PetSmart  (not Victoria’s Secret or Tiffany’s as some had guessed!)

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