Parting Thoughts from our Outgoing President – Don Dempson

It’s hard to believe two years have come and gone; where does time go!  As your out-going President, I want to say: “Thank You” for all the support, ideas, challenges, commitment, jokes and friendship.  This club works because, YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN.

The Management teams over the past two years have evolved into well-honed machines and despite the fact some people move on, they never seem to be far away when you need something done.  At every level they have produced, whether it’s a party/event, out and about, interest club, challenge on the golf course and we have benefitted.

The enthusiasm has been communicated positively and other clubs have commented that, “We are doing it right”.  It’s obvious when you have guests who have joined us at meetings and events who say they want to come back.  Hats off to the Communications team for their diligence and creativity.

Speakers are a core element in what makes us stand out and we have been blessed with talent that has educated, entertained and challenged us.  Even when we had a miscue because of bad weather, we had an incredible talk from one of our own – how cool is that.

The health of the Club is always close to our Treasurer’s heart and despite the banter and pot shots (at the door or in reports), we know we have been in good hands.

Break-time (or as some call it ‘the creative eating experience’), is also something we have enjoyed.  From month-to-month you never know what goodies to expect:  gluten-free, low-sugar, BIG-sugar, no-nuts, lots of icing, themed candy – every month is like a “box full of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get” but, it’s all been great!

Behind the scenes, you have those who set-up/tear-down and make sure our audio-visual works.  Electronically, we had the odd challenge, but we’ve always pulled through and while frantic arm waving is rare – it worked.  And whether we need to leave out 10 or 25 chairs we’ve had the hall ready for members and cleaned up ‘lickety-split’!  Oh yes and if you ever try to get by the 50/50 table without buying…guaranteed you’ll hear about it!

Taking notes (as Secretary) is never a fun thing, but when it comes to detail and accountability – we’ve had the best.

Each month we’ve had a plethora of activities that happen outside St. Mary’s. (The Christmas Party, golf, trivia tests, hikes, sharing food, theatre trips) so to our Social Chair and all those who stepped up and took the lead – Thanks.



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