Special Interest Groups!

YOUR CLUB’S SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS: We’re all Retired and Ready to Play!

Northwest Bay PROBUS Club members benefit from an excellent speaker program.  We also have theatre outings, annual social events and organized “Out & Abouts”.

Another aspect of our Club however is the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  These groups meet to pursue a particular interest, such as reading, wine appreciation, Scotch whisky or hiking.  At present our Club has two book clubs, three wine-tasting groups, an Apple computer club and one whisky-tasting group.  Sometimes we have had organized hiking events.

New groups start up whenever common interest and enough people (sometimes as few as five or six members) make it viable.  What is your interest?  Photography?  Scrabble?  Dining out?  If you would like to start a SIG involving your own particular interest, you can “test the waters” to see if others would like to join you.  Just email Mary Crist (marycrist@shaw.ca) to talk about getting the word out to our members.  If a group you would like to join is already full, well why not consider starting another one

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