PROBUS Does Dim Sum!

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On Saturday February 9th, twenty Four members came to the Shanghai City Restaurant at the back of Brooks Landing Mall in Nanaimo, for our first celebration of Lunar New Year.

As we were a large group, the lovely owner manager, Phoebe, placed us by ourselves in the VIP room at the back. The restaurant specializes in serving Dim Sum on Saturdays and Sundays. 

By preordering we were able to sample 12 different “Little Bites”, which made for a quite filling lunch. Although most were unfamiliar with the process, everyone gamely tried all the food and tested their skills with chop sticks.

Here is a list of the items we tried:

  • scallop and chive dumplings (#5)
  • sticky rice (#12)
  • vegetarian spring rolls 
  • bean curd rolls (#7)
  • har gou (#8)
  • gai lan (#13)
  • shrimp siu mai (#22)
  • stuffed eggplant (#24)
  • Shanghai meat dumplings (#27)
  • green beans in black bean sauce (#41)
  • turnip cake (daikon radish) off-menu item.
  • sesame balls(#29) for dessert


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