Summer Picnic: Wednesday July 17

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In spite of the threat of rain and, at times, hurricane force winds, forty-nine people showed up for The Picnic at Brigadoon Golf Course. 

Leslie Macdonald was there to greet us, along with Sue and Terry Kelly whose sales technique had everyone digging into pockets for 25/25 ticket money.   Background music, organized by Phil Howell, was, as always, fabulous. 

With the sun making its appearance, the first guests arriving were the golfers, brilliantly managed by Al MacDonald.  The first hole was a KP challenge.  The KP ladies winner was Donna Mae and the men’s was Phil.  Thank you to Al for the donation of prizes. 

Robert Grose had others competing in a ball and ladder game, and Bocce.

As the last golfers completed their game, Robert, our MC, ushered us to our seats where each table was given Joanie’s challenging trivia quiz.   Something about a dill pickle …

Spice of Life Catering served up Baron of Beef on a bun and herb roasted chicken, four different salads, and, from all reports, the food was delicious.  The dessert table offered a choice of watermelon, fresh fruit, cookies, and Robert’s selection of ice cream bars.

The door prize, a picnic basket full of picnic goodies, donated by Pat Scholz, was won by Brian Coolican.  The 25/25 draw had three winners – Janet Suter, Stephanie Smith and  ?????

Comments were that Brigadoon was a great location for this event.  Maybe a return again next year?

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