Annual Christmas Party: Wed, Dec 4th

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On December 4th, Fairwinds Golf Club opened its doors to JINGLE ALL THE WAY, our 2019 Christmas party.   Many took ‘Be There With Bells On” to heart, with TOM and LAURIE CHOW winning the best overall.  To greet you at the door with her big smile was our President, MARNIE SWANSON and at the reception table were KIM RASSMUSSEN and LAURIE CHOW welcoming our 86 members and guests.  Decorated in red and white, and thanks to our team,  LESLIE MACDONALD, SUE KELLY, PAT SCHOLZ, KIM RASMUSSEN and JOANIE MILLER, the room looked amazing.   

Our MC for the evening, ROBERT GROSE, resplendent in his red suspenders, and bells from his grandfather’s Clydesdale, kept us entertained with his humorous banter and stories.  On the screen was a video of this past year’s happenings; thank you to DON DEMPSON and PHIL HOWELL.  A challenging trivia created by JOANIE MILLER determined who would go first to the buffet. The winner of How Many Ornaments in the Jar was CLIFF HODGINS. 

Following a dinner of Roast Turkey (which was delicious) and Baron of Beef (which was tough as a saddle), our favorite DJ, RICHARD QUIRING, once again brought us to our feet and on to the dance floor, presenting prizes for spot dances and unusual requests such as a photo of a grandchild, to which KIM RASMUSSEN produced a photo of her grandcat. 

To our amazement, there were still people on the dance floor at 10:00 PM, doing a circle dance, reminding us of what a special group we are. 


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