WILDFIRES: The FireSmart program – Andrew Stimpson and Lesley Brown

Andrew Stimpson, Local FireSmart Officer, Bow Horn Bay VFD

Lesley Brown, Local FireSmart Officer, Spider Lake Community

WILDFIRES …..We have seen it in California, Australia and in 2018 on Vancouver  Island and Kelowna. Will 2020 be a repeat year? What can we do to prepare for it?

Our January speakers, Lesley Brown and Andrew Stimpson, will present valuable information about the FireSmart program we should all be aware of.

 The increasing rate of change in the world and local weather patterns, which brings hotter, drier and longer summers, means an ever increasing risk of wildfire here on Vancouver Island.

In the words of Jack Cohen, the leading USA wildfire expert, it really is a matter of “when the fire comes, not if”.  The FireSmart program offers a scientifically quantifiable, practical and pragmatic approach to dramatically reduce/remove the risk of losing our homes in the event of a wildfire.

Our speakers are from communities just north of us on the Island where the FireSmart program is being implemented.

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