Do you remember the Collapse of the Second Narrows Iron Worker’s Bridge?

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Our February speaker, Peter Hall, talked about the collapse of the Second Narrow’s Bridge on June 17, 1958.

Very rarely do you have the opportunity to relive a disaster through the eyes of someone that experienced it. Now, 61 years later Peter shared the story and his film with us. As part of his job as draftsman with the Dominion Bridge Company he was assigned to film  the construction of the bridge. His footage had been made into a 60 minute documentary that our Marcel Lalonde edited into manageable sections for the presentation. Peter’s introduction to each section and fielding of questions at the end really made the session come to life and help us understand the cause of the accident – human error in double checking drawings.

The other lesson from the talk for me was that at 88 years young, you can still have such vibrancy and interest in life to share your story with the public. We thank Peter for bring it to life for us and a most entertaining presentation.

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