January Speaker: – Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge, “Physicians and the Pharmaceutical Industry”

Our speaker on January 7 will be Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge on the topic of “Physicians and the Pharmaceutical Industry”. 

It is a common complaint that the pharmaceutical industry provides product-biased information to physicians, and that it targets an otherwise ill-informed public in its advertisements. We (the Public) take offence with the apparent ethical failings in the interaction between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry, and blame the failings on the pharmaceutical industry. This presentation considers distinct ethical obligations of the two parties and suggests that while moral (and legal) infelicities in the relationship between physicians and the industry do occur, it should never be forgotten that “it takes two to tango.”

Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge is a tenured full professor in the Department of Philosophy at UVic. He specializes in the history of philosophy and applied ethics in such areas as biomedical ethics and health information ethics. He has worked in military ethics and police ethics, and is currently working in a consulting capacity with the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction to develop a policy for substituting prescription pharmaceuticals to replace street opioids. For more information and a select list of publications, please refer to his Wikipedia page.


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