May Speaker: – Dr. Jan Conradi, “Electric Vehicles”

On May 6th, Dr. Jan Conradi, will be speaking on “Electric Vehicles”

Many of you will remember our speaker, Jan Conradi, Ph.D. He provided us with an excellent presentation about climate change (on May 7th, last year). We are pleased to draw on his expertise again to discuss electric vehicles. His background as an engineer and research scientist is well suited to extracting the most salient details to help us understand the technology, environmental advantages, and economic issues related to electric vehicles.

Jan’s academic background is in Physics and Engineering. His career was devoted to advancing the technology for fiber optic communications. In retirement he has taken a strong interest in the science behind climate change and in enhancing the understanding of our changing climate and the consequences this is having, and will have, on our daily lives. To this end he has now given 28 talks on climate change throughout British Columbia and Alberta, from which this talk on electrical vehicles has evolved.

The TED Talks Special Interest Group had a sneak preview of Jan’s topic during Jim McKinley’s talk on the pros and cons of technological advancement in automobile designs. Needless to say, electric vehicles were a part of the conversation. We thought it was sufficiently important to bring this topic to the rest of you, especially at this moment, with the surge in petrol pricing.

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