Report on May Speaker: – Debra Hagen, Nanoose Bay Artist

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Debra Hagen, our May speaker, creates and teaches mosaic art classes in her home-based studio in Nanoose Bay. Debra brought her practical knowledge of mosaic art forms directly to us. As you can see in some of the photos above, she displayed numerous samples which included mosaics created with an array of materials.


“The Oyster Catcher.” This was my absolute favourite of all of Debra’s beautiful samples

Historically, mosaics were assembled using small pebbles or glass of different colours. Now, however, the world of mosaic art employs materials such as broken porcelain, ceramics, pottery shards, shells, or any other attractively coloured bits and pieces (including, of course traditional glass and pebbles).

We were able to touch all of the different materials, and to learn about substrates, adhesives, and tools required for the patient assembly of these materials into an image.

Debra also discussed the history of mosaics, explained some of the terms common to the art form, provided examples of contemporary mosaic styles, and even brought some of the lethal-looking tools used by mosaic artists today.



Because this a visual art form, pictures say so much more that words. Samples of Debra’s work can be found on her website at

Here are two examples of Debra’s mosaics, shown on her website:

How Did We Get Here?



            To learn more about mosaics, Debra suggests checking out the following locations:

  • The “Transitions Exhibit” from July 1st to August 27th. This exhibit is sponsored by the Mosaic Artists of Canada at the MacMillian Arts Centre in Parksville.
  • Artists Talks and Workshops, also sponsored by the Mosaic Artists of Canada. Information about these talks is available from the following website: https://www.mosaicartistsocom/

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