Report on Summer Solstice at Stone Tree Farm

It was June 21st, 7:30 AM, when our lively group arrived at Stone Tree Farm for what turned out to be an educational experience for all, all about, what else but stones and trees. 

Shawn Flynn, owner of this vast property, had us rapt, and wrapped around his finger as he led us through his amazing accomplishments.

First were the rocks, specifically aligned to catch the Summer and Winter (evening) solstices. The rocks, all of which have names, have been set at prime number distances (in meters to “keep the Gods at peace”), with spectacular views in the distance.

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The other undertaking is a Christmas tree farm which is an obvious labour of love for Shawn. As far back as 1998, he had a vision on which he continues to build.  The total number of seedlings planted in 2023 was approximately 4,000 trees.

Starting in the Fall, you can flag out a tree from the many different varieties, which will be cut for you in late November through mid-December for your Christmas decorating and enjoyment.

An area has also been developed for special events such as weddings and has been used as a staging shoot for movies. Words escape me to describe all of what was there so, to those who chose to remain snug in their beds, I invite you to explore the website, which is an experience itself.


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