Out & About:Little Qualicum Falls Walk


On June 28th, what was supposed to be a Westwood Lake walk with lunch at the Bistro morphed itself into a short hike round Little Qualicum Falls when we found out the Westwood Lake Bistro is no longer open on Tuesdays.   No matter; the twelve of us who went to LQF enjoyed one of those (rare!) perfect summer days with everyone taking time to pause at the various viewpoints of the spectacular falls, take photos and smell the roses (or in this case, the negative ions emanating from the waterfalls).  Those who had never been there before were wowed and amazed; and those who had seen it were just happy to re-visit this beautiful place.  Our walk was followed by a fine lunch and lively conversation on the charming patio at Cuckoo’s Trattoria in Coombs.

How lucky we all are to live in an area like this with so much natural beauty just a short drive away.

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