Out & About:Cable Bay Hike and Picnic


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Out & About:  Cable Bay/Dodd Narrows Hike and Picnic – Thursday July 28th

On July 28th, 12 PROBUS members ventured out on one of the best hikes in South Nanaimo.   Beginning our walk at the trailhead in the Cedar area, we followed the path which meanders downhill through a rainforest to the Strait of Georgia where we crossed a footbridge. After that we followed the beautiful  rocky coastline trail to Dodd Narrows for our picnic.  We probably spent over an hour basking in the sun on the rocks and watching boats navigate the Narrows, a tidal channel where the water rushes through like a fast flowing river with the strong currents making it tricky for the boats to pass through.  Many of the boats were flying American flags (Could they all be wanting to move to Canada due to US politics!) The hardest part was walking uphill almost all the way back. The good news:  Everyone made it and felt as though they’d had a truly special day. 

Special thanks to Robert Grose for organizing this very fine hike.

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