Out &About: Attention Java Lover!

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Coyote’s Coffee Roastery & Tea 

Did you know that Tim Horton’s is now owned by a Brazilian billionaire?  Or that after oil, coffee is the second largest commodity in global trade?  Or that Asians now drink more coffee than tea?

These were some of the facts presented to nine PROBUS members who attended a fascinating talk given by Philip Perry (“Dr.Pep”), owner and founder of Coyote Coffee Roastery.  A forensic psychologist in a past life, Perry is now proud to be a “direct buyer” of superior quality coffee cherries ( what we call beans),  traveling to places like Brazil and Maui and paying the farmer top dollar for his product.

Coyote’s Coffee is micro roasted on Vancouver Island using a state of the art roaster combined with computer-enhanced programming. They purchase green beans from world-renowned estates, stressing the importance of fair trade practices and organic, bird-friendly cultivation. Through well controlled, small-batch roasting, they locally roast beans every week to maximize the freshness and unique flavours of each country and region of origin.

They offer:

  • Custom Roasted Wholesale Coffee
  • Competitively priced coffee
  • Personalized Custom Designed Bags
  • Home Delivery in Greater Nanaimo Area (over 2 lb)
  • Locally owned and operated with a focus on small business services.
  • Micro roasted coffees from Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Sumatra, Peru and Mexico as well as other countries on demand.

Check out the Coyote Coffee website at http://www.coyotescoffee.ca to learn more about this local treasure and to read up on the history coffee as well as, “Caffeine’s Surprising Effect on Inflammation and Aging”. Tea lovers are welcome too, they offer a nice variety of organic teas for tasting and purchase.

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