Out &About: An Evening at the Theatre: Pirates of Penzance

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Northwest Bay PROBUS | An evening at the Theatre | May 10, 2017

After plundering the local eateries and watering holes, and prowling about the fair streets of the Village of Qualicum Beach, our band of seventeen Northwest Bay Probusites converged in the Village Theatre for the sold-out performance of “The Pirates of Penzance”, a truly entertaining and engaging Gilbert & Sullivan musical. 


Frederick, a young and handsome lad of twenty-one wanders away from his gang of pirates to Qualicum Beach and stumbles upon a gaggle of beautiful maidens and their eccentric father Major-General. From hence there ensued a musical alive and rollicking with entertainment, complete with star-crossed lovers, a run-in with the pirates, lily-livered policemen and mistaken identity.

As Sharon Seibt commented, “so many details were unexpected and added to the amusement of us all.”

Indeed, it was a most pleasant way to spend an enjoyable evening with friends and scoundrels (Norm) alike!     


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