Pacific Biological Station Tour – June 20


The mystique and magic of our oceans has fascinated locals and scientists for centuries.  What goes on in our seas and throughout their depths is simply amazing, and hidden in Nanaimo is one of Canada’s leading research stations that is opening its doors for us again this June – so we can continue our own investigations.

Last fall, a dozen Probus members had the opportunity to hear scientists and step into labs to see actual work being done and how it is affecting our aquatic life today, and will into the future.  On June 20 a second group from the club will have that chance to appreciate how science is making a difference and changing the way we can protect our waters while learning more about the abundance of life in our local salt waters — and the challenges that are out there.

The Pacific Biological Station has been a key research centre for the west coast for more than 110 years.  It is one of the oldest centres of its kind in North America.  Scientists working with fish, whales, aquatic plants, water quality and everything right down to the micro-biotic level are being explored…. and incredible achievements are being made.

Visitors will not only hear what is being done but have an opportunity to ask about the future and listen to scientists speak about climate change, pollution, fish numbers, genetics and how their work is leading-edge in shaping how Canada is a true leader in oceanic research.

Bring your camera, ask questions and be prepared to learn.  This is a special tour that gives visitors a real insight into our oceans.

Address: 3190 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo
Date: Wednesday, June 20
Time: 9:45 sharp at the main entry for 10:00 tour


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