Lisa Leger: A Sensible Look at Natural Medicine

Our June speaker, Lisa Leger, is the Natural Health Consultant at Parksville Pharmasave and has done public education about natural health care for over 25 years. Her mission is to build a bridge between conventional medicine and natural approaches to health and she invites us all to take the best of both worlds. She will discuss preventative strategies like diet and lifestyle and the use of vitamin supplements and herbs as home remedies and viable treatment strategies. This session will give you a chance to take a sensible look at what you see in the media, what’s already in your supplement cupboards, and become more confident about trying natural medicines.

“My approach is to always blend the best of both conventional and natural medicine in a diplomatic way that doesnt discredit any particular modality. Working in a community pharmacy setting, I am equipped to address questions about calcium and bone density, drug and herb interactions, nutrient depletion from common prescription drugs, and alternative therapies for heartburn and other common ailments. My intention is always to make natural medicine a viable option and take it out of any “fringe” type stigma that people might have about the use of herbs or natural therapies.”

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