Lisa Leger: A Sensible Look at Natural Medicine

Northwest Bay PROBUS | Lisa Leger: A Sensible Look at Natural Medicine

Lisa Leger, the Natural Health Consultant at Parksville Pharmasave, helped guide us through the quagmire of information out there to build a bridge between conventional medicine and natural approaches to health.

Lisa discussed preventative strategies like diet and lifestyle and the use of vitamin supplements and herbs as home remedies and viable treatment strategies.

Working in a community pharmacy setting, Lisa is equipped to address questions about calcium and bone density, drug and herb interactions, nutrient depletion from common prescription drugs, and alternative therapies for heartburn and other common ailments.

Ask your Doctor or Pharmacist:

  • Why and I on this drug and How long do I need to take it?
  • Are there any alternatives I can try?
  • What side effects should I be aware of?

Highlights of Lisa’s presentation

Principles of Natural Medicine | “First do no harm” (Hippocrates)

The body is designed to heal itself

Basics of a Healthy Life

  • Wash your hands
  • Don’t smoke
  • Be active
  • Be social, contribute *people who volunteer tend to have better health outcomes 😊
  • Have a sense of Wonder
  • Eat fresh unprocessed food
  • Cut back on caffeine, alcohol and sugar
  • Take supplements
  • Manage stress and sleep


  • Follow the Mediterranean Diet
  • Consume frequent small meals
  • Aim to reduce inflammation which increase the risk of chronic disease
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Know your body’s pH level – Adopt an Alkaline (pH 8-10) lifestyle approach

Vitamin D:

  • The Sun Triggers Vitamin D in the skin
  • Levels are low in northern climates In Canada, almost 50% of adults are deficient
  • Vit D is essential for the formation of hormones
  • Supplementing improves mood, attention, enthusiasm, motivation, and alertness Low levels associated with higher risk of cancer, MS, hormonal imbalances, and chronic disease.

Supplements as Remedies:

  • Vitamin C – shortens duration and makes your cold less severe
  • B vitamins – boost mood and energy
  • Zinc – supports immune function and helps cells resist invasion from viruses.
  • Oregano oil and garlic – kills germs
  • CoQ10 – consume with a fat (e.g. butter or salmon)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – helps to correct the Ph level in the digestive tract
  • Glucosamine supplement – helps the body to re-build the ‘grizzle’ in our joints
  • Fermented foods – consuming things like sauerkraut, Kefir and Kimchee and Kombucha are beneficial to the intestines

Need more information? The following is a list of recommended websites;

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