PROBUS White Christmas

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— Our Annual Christmas Party —

— Wednesday, December 5, 2018 —

To the jingling strains of Johnny Mathis’ Sleigh Ride, we entered into a transformed Ambleside Room – twinkling white trees, white tablecloths centered with mini lights and sparkling garlands; silver balls and beads, and sprigs of holly. Centered on glittering rhinestone placemats, white boxes tied with red ribbons and ornaments held a choice of chocolate, and silver cups with a small cache of mixed nuts accompanied beverages before dinner. On the overhead, breathtaking winter scenes were enhanced by uptempo Christmas tunes.

Kim and Anne welcomed arriving guests, providing name tags and table assignments. At a given time, we were ushered to our seats and Joanie opened the program. With regrets for the special guest that could not attend, she introduced our MC for the evening, Mrs Santa Claus, aka Mary Christmas, aka Tony Eastham, a vision of loveliness right down to the red fishnet stockings.… and high heels. He/She entertained us with delightful banter and then led us in Reindeer Games Trivia, which gave us the first table to proceed to the buffet.

Dinner was plentiful with Baron of Beef, and Roast Turkey with all the trimmings. A round of Antlers and Tails decided who would visit the dessert table first, which included Trifle and Plum Pudding (sans rum sauce). At each table, under one placemat, was a lottery ticket. It was then announced that the placemats were for sale and, within minutes, all had been spoken for and disappeared off the tables.

Larry Quiring, our DJ, really got the party rocking and rolling with familiar favorites. Satisfaction had everyone singing and stomping “I can’t get no …” followed by The Village People’s Y.M.C.A. which had us on the dance floor, arms alphabetically flailing. Reindeer games continued with the DJ giving a prize for the first woman to show a driver’s license, and the first man to show a hole in his sock.

What happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party? I don’t think so. Don and Phil were enjoying a dance, as well as Mrs Santa Claus getting cozy with Norm …

A most enjoyable evening!

Big thank yous to:

  • The organizing team of Robert Grose, Kim Rasmussen, Anne Ward, Joanie Miller
  • Robert for all the holly, and for the pine boughs at the entrance.
  • Kim for all the computer work, name tags, table assignments, decorating and clean up
  • Anne for selecting prizes, decorating and clean up
  • Don for the overhead scenes
  • Phil for the music
  • Peter for the exterior light display
  • The Fairwinds team

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