Don’s List – TV movies and series


Submitted by Don Dempson

Interested in watching some great movies and series?  Well you’re not alone.  So many of us are alternative TV watchers and whether it’s Netflix, Crave or one of the other options — there are so many viewing selections that are available and may just fit your genre.

Here are just some that people have watched and recommended.  They may not be for you but the selection is worth a look and you can always check the Internet to read up about them before you settle in to watch.  Some have English subtitles but don’t let that discourage you – so many foreign films and series are absolutely exceptional.

Most of these are on Netflix but some are also on Crave.

  • The Break (Netflix)
  • The Tunnel (Netflix)
  • The Bridge (Netflix)
  • Fauda (Netflix)
  • Longmere (Netflix)
  • House of Cards (Netflix)
  • Justified (Netflix)
  • The Fall (Netflix)
  • Shetland (Netflix)
  • Marcella (Netflix)
  • Jack Taylor (Netflix)
  • Line of Duty (Netflix)
  • Wallander (Netflix)
  • Outlander (Netflix)
  • Dicte (Netflix)
  • The Body Guard (Netflix)
  • 19.2 (Crave)
  • Cardinal (Crave)
  • News Room (Crave)
  • Border Town (Netflix)
  • Department Q (Crave)
  • Lava Field (Netflix)
  • Crashed (Netflix)
  • Gold (Netflix)
  • The Heavy Water War (Netflix)
  • The Norsemen (Netflix)
  • Occupied (Netflix)
  • Babylon Berlin (Netflix)
  • The Honourable Woman (Netflix)
  • Alias Grace (Netflix)
  • The Punisher (Netflix)
  • Archangel (Netflix)
  • Paranoid (Netflix)
  • In Order of Disappearance (Netflix)
  • Unlocked (Netflix)
  • The Constant Gardner (Netflix)
  • Scott & Bailey (Netflix)
  • Grace & Frankie (Netflix)
  • American Crime (Netflix)
  • Mar de Plastico (Netflix)
  • Safe (Netflix)
  • The Crown (Netflix)
  • The International (Netflix)
  • The November Man (Netflix)
  • Nobel (Netflix)
  • Marseille (Netflix)
  • W1A (Netflix)
  • Chef’s Table (Netflix)
  • Blue Planet (Netflix)
  • Somm:  Into the Bottle
  • Sour Grapes (Netflix)
  • Somm (Netflix)
  • Decanted (Netflix)
  • Windriver (Netflix)
  • Chef’s Table France (Netflix)
  • Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix)

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