Remember Tundra the Wolf and January Speaker Gary Allan?

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Remember Tundra the Wolf and January Speaker Gary Allan?
Gary has a new opportunity for small groups to visit Tundra and to meet with a First Nations Elder.  The program is called: “Reconciliation and the Wolf”

  • The cost of program is $40 per person for people 16 & above.
  • Need 6 people per session which do not have to come all from your group.
  • Times can be negotiated.

For further details & interest, email Gary at:

“Who Speaks for Wolf?  Our January speaker, Gary Allan from Cedar, does and has been for many years. Originally a Probation Officer up north, he now lives on an acreage in Cedar with his  3 wolves:  Tundra 12 yrs old – 90%, wolf.  Nahanni an Arctic wolf and Mahikan is a black wolf, both are almost full wolf. Because Paul got Tundra at 3 weeks old he bonded with him and he is very open to people interaction. Both Nahanni and Mahikan were bought from a breeder in the US and he couldn’t get them until after 5  weeks so they have not bonded as well and are not as people friendly. Paul has spoken to over 200 school groups  and 35,000 students and teachers. to educate them on Canis lupus, to promote conservation efforts and to provide protection for this wonderful, misunderstood animal.

Paul shared some of the practical aspects of the wolf life that most people are not aware of. Wolves live in packs with a Alpha male leader and related family members. They hunt together and are are territorial. A pack kills more efficiently than just pair of wolves. He talked about how the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park restored the ecosystem. In the 1920’s, government policy allowed the extermination of Yellowstones’s Gary wolf – the apex predator – triggering an ecosystem collapse known as a Trophic cascade. The trees came back along with the birds and wildlife – elk, coyote, beaver antelope, fox, moles, eagles, songbirds, amphibians,and  fish.

We learned first hand how Tundra prefers women to men,as Tundra swaggered around the room and let club member Linda Matteson from the Yukon herself, lead him. We all left the meeting with a new found respect and understanding for the wolf and the dedication Gary Allan has for the cause.  

If you want to learn more about wolves and walk with Tundra at the SWELL Wolf Education Centre in Cedar, Garry runs  a tour every Sat or Sunday morning at 8:00 am. Go to to learn more. If we have enough interest we could do an Out&About activity when the weather is better.

Robert Grose

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