June Speaker: – Garth Covernton, on “Microplastics in the Ocean”

On June 4th, our speaker will be Garth Covernton, providing us insight into the issue of microplastic contamination in our environment and specifically in our oceans.

Garth Covernton is a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria studying the source, fate, and ecological implications of microplastic contamination in the marine environment. Garth completed his BSc at the University of British Columbia in 2012, where he first took interest in the ecological effects of environmental change caused by humans.


After reading Plastic Ocean by Captain Charles Moore in 2015, Garth became passionate about studying the effects of plastics in the ocean and began his graduate studies at UVic in January 2016. Throughout the course of his graduate studies, Garth has worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the BC Shellfish Growers Society to understand the source and extent of microplastic contamination in cultured shellfish. More recently he is working on a project with the National Contaminants Advisory Group to investigate the potential for accumulation and/or magnification of microplastics in BC coastal food webs.






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