Report on July Speaker: – Elaine Charal, “The Power of the Pen”


The Power of the PenOn July 9th, we had a rare treat, as Elaine Charal, taught us the art of handwriting analysis. In the most entertaining way possible, Elaine explained how we could determine if a person is depressed (by looking at “droopy loops”), how to choose political leaders (by looking at the slant of the stripes on their ties – upward or downward), and learned what we give away about ourselves, just in our signatures (so be careful about how you sign your name!). There was so much more; all of it in good fun, delivered with a kind heart, encouragement, and a dash of cheekiness.

Elaine also talked about her own journey and how she used hand writing analysis as a tool for change when she was going through a really rough patch. She used what her own handwriting told her (about her mood and repressed thoughts) as a feedback mechanism for change (and it worked)!

Based on samples sent in by our members, Elaine provided great insight into the character of each of the brave souls who submitted their handwriting. She even identified people to serve on the executive committee – Al MacDonald started to make a list! Also, we now have new names for the most irresistible writing stylists: Robert Grose is now “Hard to be Humble Robert” and Judy Love-Eastham is “Fun Chick.”

Because there was so much interest in learning more about hand writing analysis, Elaine also sent us a reference list of library books on the subject. The three most informative, yet light, books recommended by Elaine are:

“Handwriting Analysis: Putting it to Work for You,” by Andrea McNichol
“Handwriting and Personality,” by Ann Mahony
“Handwriting Analysis: Adventures in Self-Discovery,” by Peter Dennis, a Canadian book

Beware of the “Power of the Pen!”

To test what you learned from Elaine, try this quiz:

For the answers, click here.



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