October Speaker: – Dr David Docherty, “How Vaccines work”

On Friday October 1, our speaker, Dr David Docherty, will be presenting on “How Vaccines work”.

There has been enormous interest in, and speculation about, the vaccines developed to combat COVID-19. This presentation takes a look at the two types of vaccines currently being used, how they differ, and how they work to combat future infections due to the corona virus. This talk is based on a presentation developed on the immune system for an audience of elders and retirees, and reflects personal interest in presenting a wide range of audiences with sound health guidance.

David Docherty is a professor Emeritus in the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education. He taught Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology at UVic for 40 years. HIs research was primarily on the effects of resistance training on neuromuscular adaptation as well as the physiological demands of physically demanding occupations. His most recent research articles just reached well over 60,000 reads and citations according to Research Gate. He is still reviewing for international journals in the area of exercise science and physiology. He is a member of the UVic Speakers’ Bureau being a regular presenter on topics related to physical activity, health, and wellness for all ages. He has also been a regular presenter for the UVic Retirees Association Elder Academy including topics related to how the body works.

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